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Margaret began this series of pieces in her graduating year at the Ontario College of Art and Design. 'aPART' explores the ideas of memory, culture, and history and the role they play in shaping one's identity. These pieces are one of a kind and have been apart of various exhibitions


Through a collaborative process, Margaret and Amanda combined their materials: thread and metal to create scenes and environments. They chose to represent everyday situations in isolated settings in order to give value to moments that may be overlooked.
Like a film still; staged and motionless, the scenes aim to provoke the viewer to pause just as each moment has been paused.

'Still' was a collaborative exhibition between Margaret Lim and textile artist Amanda McCavour in Harbourfront Centre's vitrines in 2009.


Facets (exhibition)

Gemstones have been coveted by humans for millennia for their three virtues: rarity, durability and beauty; with beauty having the greatest influence.

For a cut and polished gem, beauty is measurable. It is through particular proportions in which a stone is cut that it is able to harness light through reflection and refraction as well as show off display lustre and colour. It is for these attributes that the beauty of a gem is judged and valued.

These attributes are invisible without facet designs, which manipulate the light that passes through or bounces off a gem. The main focus in the facet series is to highlight the ingenuity of the designers and place the value on their design rather than the mineral in which they have been applied.

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(full gallery coming soon)